Friday, January 02, 2009

Resolution: Finish what I start

I'm one of those people who goes into the big box craft store, buys tons of crafty stuff, then does nothing with it. THIS time I forced myself to sit down and start and finish my project: name tags for the party on Sunday.

Nobody ever wants to put nametags on. I'm hoping that the lanyard/necklace option may convince people to put them on. Well, at least I'm sure the kids will now!

The cats are unexcited:


Alex said...

It is amazing because this one was one of my 2009 resolutions too! :)

I have the same problem....Well...I had,...Now in 2009 I will finish EVERYTHING what I start :)


Cat Rabies

2Vamp said...

I think the tags look great! You're right... I'm not to keen on wearing'em but yours may change my mind. *chuckles*

Pity I am so far away. One of these days....