Monday, January 12, 2009

BTW, today is Delurking Day

So if you've been reading but not commenting, please consider saying "hi!" in the comments. :)


bcat said...

But my comments are never very good. I am interested in the chick feed as litter . I use the same stuff you do and with 10 cats cheaper is better. thanks bcat

Anonymous said...

*waves* from singapore.

Love your blog. Im a catcaregiver myself here. You've got a great cat facility, clean, nice, neat!
Its a dream for many here to have the space and place for the many homeless cats in need.

san said...

We want to thank you for listing us in your blog roll :) We have been reading your blog for some time and always enjoy looking at your farm and all the flowers and cats. We are also envious that you have so much space since we live in a very little one :)

san and amigos from Cat tales.

Michelle said...

I'm also interested in the chick feed/litter experiment. I'm using Fresh Step with my crew of 11, and it's running about 40lbs for $14 at Sam's Club. It's really dusty though, and isn't as good at odor control as the Arm & Hammer stuff I used to use.

Been following wildrun for awhile...back when you were over at Cat Out Loud, actually. Wow, I can't believe it's been that long. I think what you do is so wonderful and your "Fast Food Ferals" are a great testament to the benefits of TNR.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

HA! But you know me....

Brenda said...

I live on a small farm in central Ohio with my husband and 11 year old daughter. I've been neutering my barn cats for 15 years-most of the local farmers thought I was nuts to spend the money on it. Right now we have a stable colony of eight very friendly cats.

The chick feed for cat litter experiment is interesting - especially since those of us who raise poultry have been watching feed prices rise.


Wildrun said...

Hey Brenda, I keep pointing out to people that responsible farmers have been doing TNR for years, and that it's odd to say that a farmer is going "above and beyond" to fix their barn cats, but city folk are "irresponsible" for doing so. Hey, maybe a new market for chick starter would help keep prices down.

I had hens for quite awhile. Sadly, we left the door open one night last year and raccoons got our two seven-year old hens who had been giving just the right number of eggs. Given the cost of chicken feed, I had decided not to replace them (I eat maybe three eggs a week, tops) but maybe if I'm using chicken feed for cat litter....hmmmm. Would chick starter be bad for adult hens I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I'm delurking all over the place....;)
I know chick feed is usually medicated and probably wouldn't have enough calcium for a laying hen. Or rather, I know layer pellets have too much calcium to feed to chicks.

And I really like your blog-I've been lurking for a while because I couldn't figure out how to post with out remembering more passwords.


possumlady said...

Hi there,

I've been reading your blog for a couple of months finding you through Caturday.

Love your facilities and love the photos of snow. As a native Minnesotan I miss snow here in the DC area. I have nine cats, down from 12 last year. I just can't say no to a stray.

I'd comment more but I'm suffering from my first head/chest cold in almost six years! I'm sitting here with tissue stuffed up my nose. Not really conducive to creative thought.

Wonderful work you are doing.

Felyne said...

Kia Ora, Hello, Gidday!

Although, I made a really bad lurker, always too much to say for myself.

ancodia said...

Oops, I missed it. :-) Signing in all the same. Hugs & much, much support!