Saturday, January 24, 2009

Possibilities are never out of reach

I SO need to stop reading Gary's blog. Today he had a post about his friend Ben's exhibit wall at the Kitschen Sink art garage. I was headed into town and thought I'd swing by.

Oh, big mistake. Or big blessing. I'm not sure which. Because ,Alice Muhlback was there, and a piece of her art has been preying on my soul ever since I saw it hanging at The Smart Monkey Cafe. I own a few of her small pieces, and people who know me well will see immediately why they speak to me.

"Cat Never Left." Need I say more?

"Blue Print to Relax." Any questions?

(click image to enlarge) Note: both pieces are now safely back on the wall.

About seven months ago I walked into Smart Monkey, and there was a large painting on the wall, on a very beautiful piece of vintage wood, of a fairy with a wand chasing a "Cat Never Left" cat, and beneath it was printed "Queen of Possibilities."

This was back when I was recovering from The Great Walkout and was looking for a swift kick in the ass where ever I could find one.

Every time I planned to eat out, I stopped by The Smart Monkey and stared at that piece. And the price tag. At the time, lunch a restaurant was a luxury I couldn't much afford. Artwork was certainly out of the question.

Then one day it was gone, and I figured someone had loved it as much as had.

When I heard Corinne, current owner of the store (post-note, Gary points out that Liz Tilley is the owner; Nancy points out that Corrine is a exhibitor) mention to another visitor that the woman conversing in the corner was Alice, I realized I was doomed. I circled the place five or six times, and finally went over and asked if she still had the Queen of Possibilities.

She does indeed.

It appears the Queen of Possibilities maybe moving here to stay.

So how is it that this is a "rescue post" instead of being on my Feral By Nature blog? Well, while I was paying for purchases and conversing about cats with another visitor, Corinne points to me and says "Are you Susan?" She proceeds to tell me she adopted three cats from me. After much conversation, we realized this would have been almost seven years ago. Yet I do not remember her! So I am not certain if she adopted from me or from Susan M. So many people think we are the same person. Sometimes I think the two of us get confused as well. She also mentioned "I" had sent her home with medicine for ringworm for one the cats, and I'm certain I've had no cats with ringworm until two years ago when I had my first experience with it.

But this wouldn't be the first time I've had a total memory blackout about a person!

The first thing I did when I got home was to call Susan M. and leave her a message, and tonight I'll pull out my old adoption records to see if I can find Corinne's name.

And you'll have to go over to Feral By Nature to see what I did buy. But I haven't posted it yet (8:07 pm ET) so don't be in a hurry.

I also remember a very large painting that I'm now certain Ben must have done, also hanging at the Smart Monkey on the second floor, that also took my breath away. I'm fairly certain it had a "sold" tag on it however, so I think I'm safe from that one.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Corinee doesn't own the store. Liz Tilley does. :)
Please keep reading my blob! :)

Nancy Cusumano said...

Corinne is exhibiting there, though. SHe also ushers with me at the State, and she invited me to the opening on Sat, but I was out of town. THis is SUCH a small town! I will also be selling some of my velvet embossed scarves at Kitschen Sink (if I can get them finished before Valentines day that is!)