Friday, January 30, 2009

Sleeping beauty...

There is an entire bed in my den. And except when I'm sleeping on it and Ivan dares to come up, it is the realm of a single cat. Ditz. She looks so sweet, doesn't she? Yeah, right. Tell that to any other cat that jumps up hoping to share one tiny corner of the four-inch-thick memory-foam, microplush covered bed upon which six cats should be able to sleep comfortably.

Nope. Just Ditz. She turns into a shrieking banshee should anyone dare. Even the Terrorist Kittens.

Speaking of which, I need to turn my attention to finding them homes in February. They have made me laugh, but they need people of their own.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

looks like our Emily!

williamhessian said...

cute cat. I love the cat blog, and all the pictures. I do not know the airport, or I would have posted there.

I write for Pet Haven's cat blog, which is a non-profit trying to save homeless cats and get them adopted to homes. We are trying to ask all cat lovers to help spread the word: