Saturday, May 13, 2006

No, she's not a really, really large kitten.

This is Greta, and she is, in fact, a dog. Yes, contrary to popular belief, we do like dogs, but this is the first time we've fostered one. She's a sweetheart. She already has a home and is just staying here until they can take her. She rode shotgun in the truck with me to the vet for her rabies vaccination, and she loves her squeaky toys. And boy, are my cats pissed. I think half of them slept with us last night because they were too peeved to come downstairs with Greta. Posted by Picasa


2Vamp said...

She's cute. How's *she* taking to the kitties?

Wildrun said...

She thinks they are fun to chase, but when they turn and hiss, she stops. She's a good dog.