Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Feral Mom Number Two, disregarding a perfectly respectable spay appointment for Tuesday, had her kittens today. We now have three nursing moms and at least 13 kittens in the house. Two kittens are spoken for, and I have a foster home for two once they are weaned. IMO, control of the free-roaming cat population will never be reached as long as a person has to wait over a week for a spay appointment.  Posted by Picasa

I could have done with one less mother in the house.

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Leigh-Ann said...

You make a good point about the spay appointment. Our local "low cost" spay and neuter clinic, run by the city, only takes appointments at certain times of the month, they won't book in advance, if they fill up you need to wait until the following month, etc. I wanted to use their low-cost services for our three kittens, but by the time a slot was available, our female kitten could have easily been in her first heat already. Even trying to get an appointment with our regular vet and paying full price, we had to book two weeks ahead of time. There must be some allowances made for true emergencies, like yours.

Btw, we've got another kitten...