Sunday, May 21, 2006

Clean up and catch up

Tiger Tom, Fluffy, and Kid try out the clean cover on the tall cage where they like to sleep in the cat room.

The upcoming week is another traveling week, so I'm trying to find foster homes for my weaned kittens. I suppose it's unlikely I'll find another person (before Wednesday) as reliable as Alden to clean when I'm gone (Alden has moved to Ithaca), so that means Mark is stuck with it.

Yesterday I put up flyers at the post office and grocery hoping to catch the eye of people who may be interested in volunteering and, of course, adopting. I need to finish up my proposal for a local spay/neuter program for cats, and I have a visitor coming at noon to look at cats.

So you won't be getting anything mentally challenging out of me this morning.

Have a great Sunday!

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