Sunday, February 07, 2010

Just watch the puppies

The Puppy Bowl seems to be picking up great press everywhere. It's even number seven on the User's Guide to Super Bowl Halftime -- 11 Things You Should Know.
7. There are more wholesome halftime activities available, though. The Puppy Bowl also returns for a sixth go-round on Animal Planet. If you've never seen it, I could tell you that it features a group of puppies running around in a football-themed pen, but that doesn't come anywhere near capturing the insane levels of cuteness that will be achieved. If you don't smile when watching the Puppy Bowl, you may need medical attention. Or your team might be down 30 at halftime.

What's the Puppy Bowl about? Adoption, Adoption, Adoption. We all owe Puppy Bowl Referee Andrew Schechter a huge thank-you for saying that over and over and over.


meowmeowmans said...

We LOVE the puppy bowl (and the kitty halftime show, too)!

las794 said...

I hate to admit that I've never seen the Puppy Bowl. I'll definitely check it out today!

Anonymous said...

I love it...I just wish they would say "Adopt a pet from your local shelter or rescue" more often during the bowl and halftime show.