Sunday, February 28, 2010


I never got my Christmas cards out, so recently I made up a little newsletter that I've slowly been sending out. In it I've included my email address and an envelope with a stamp so that people can send back photos of their cats for me to blog.

Dorothy's photo arrived in my inbox this week. Dorothy is nineteen, and owns Chris and Becky in North Carolina. I can't begin to count the different houses Dorothy has lived in, but her particular skill and charm is that she would take evening walks with the family. Seriously. They would walk around their block, or up and down their street, and Dorothy would dart from tree to bush to sidewalk, exercising along with them, every single night.

But sweet Dorothy with the big wide eyes has made it to a beautiful and graceful age nineteen (would you guess she was that age from her photo? I would not). Obviously she has been smarter than the hazards of the outdoors. I understand that in her more senior years she finds the indoors a bit more attractive. Dorothy is not a Wildrun cat, but she has been a very special friend, along with her family.


Anonymous said...

And now Dorothy sits on the porch or at the edge of the yard and calls to Chris while he walks the dog.

meowmeowmans said...

What a beautiful post about a beautiful kitty. 19? Wow, Dorothy looks fantastic! :)