Monday, February 01, 2010

Just in case you forgot how....

If you were in college when I was, you were making these.

I had forgotten how, and after seeing these on The Animal Rescue Site, I Googled "how to knot bracelets" and there they were -- instructions for the same bracelets we used to churn out in hotel rooms or while sleeping on gym floors when we were traveling for crew.

How is this cat related? Well, the Spencer Community Showcase is March 7. I enjoy going, although it is a heck of a lot of work. While I never get many donations or on-site adoptions, I did have a person who met me there come adopt a cat just a few months ago.

I plan to have the fetish kitties there as a gift for people who make a larger donation, but times are tight, and there are a lot of kids at this event, so I thought I'd make some bracelets with a simple kitty bead or charm for folks who leave a donation of a few bucks.

I can make them when I'm sitting in hotel rooms traveling for work. Hey, it's not quite the same as crew, but the surroundings will be familiar.

I plan to take Arthur if he's still here. I'm betting he'll be a grand cat for a special event like that.

(Post-note: But no new projects until my current fetish kitties are finished!)

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