Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzards rough on stray animals as well


Meg said...

Poor little darling--so sweet and left out in the cold.
What do people say to themselves as they watch a domestic animal shivering and meowing on their porch?
I guess I should be happy that animal control was called, right?

possumlady said...

I had to put one of the ferals that I was looking after down on Tuesday after it finally made an appearance on my porch a week after all the snow and storms. He was in bad shape, very thin, had a bad gash on his hind leg and couldn't use a front leg. How he made it to my front porch with only two working legs and through the mounds of snow, I'll never know. He is no longer suffering, so I am relieved.

Wildrun said...

oh, I'm sorry about your feral. It sounds like he may have gotten into a car engine to get out of the snow. It means a lot that he came to you. It would have been so much worse for him had he chosen some out of the way place to hide. It's hard hearing these stories, but on the other hand it's so good to hear that people are helping ferals from birth to the end.

Meg said...

To PossumLady,
Very sad about your feral kitty.
You did the most compassioante thing for him, ushering him out gently. Thank goodness he came to you at the end.