Saturday, February 06, 2010

Brie has suitors, and the camera craps out

This is the last photo you are likely to see off the old Easyshare:

Either the battery charger or the battery is dead. It's probably a good thing fate gave me a reason to give up on it, because the quality on the photos has gone down quite a bit. Everything I read tells me digital cameras do NOT lose their quality, but I'm sorry, my experience tells me it does. Or perhaps I'm just comparing my photos against photos taken on newer cameras with more megapixels. Anyway, it takes a lot of work to get a photo this nice, and I don't have time to spend a half hour on a single kitten photo.

Luckily, cameras were on sale at Staples. The new EasyShare is 1/2 the purchase price of my old one (5 years ago), and that one was half the price of my original Mavica (nine years ago?). Maybe if we're lucky they'll be free in a few more years.

Pardon me while I grumble, moan, and complain over learning a new camera.

Brie got THREE inquiries on her. I still have to answer two.


meowmeowmans said...

Three inquiries? That's great news! We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed.

Good luck with the camera. Even though you have to learn how to use it, it's sort of exciting, no? :)

Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

wonderful pic, look at those eyes.