Thursday, September 08, 2011

Worst over for me; worst to come for Owego/Binghamton

The sun started to come up and I went outside to discover what I'm glad I did NOT know last night. The creek had relocated to travel down the road, and dumped back in across my field, just barely flooding the bottom of the barn. I pushed some logs out of the road so traffic could get through, then later this morning went out and shoveled off all of the debris.

If I had seen all that water last night, I would have had a fit. I'm glad I was oblivious.

I had three kittens slated to be altered at Cornerstone today. I was sure I could not get out, but I took my cellphone to check. It was worse than I ever could have expected. I couldn't even make it to the usual "you can finally get a signal here" spot, but luckily I could get two bars right where the flooding took the road, so I could let them know I wouldn't make it.

This creek is normally so small you could travel down it in a kayak (if it were deep enough) and touch either side with your paddle. Seriously. Now it is filling the entire valley.

Time to turn around. I could get two bars here, so I made my calls, took photos, and chatted with the folks who got this far with me.


Strayer said...

Yikes, wildrun, so glad you were not swept away.

Connie, Orlando said...

Whoa. There are benefits living nowhere near water. My front yard has looked like a small pond after one of our major thunderstorms. Can't imagine anything like this. Glad I'm in the cheap seats here in Orlando and not near the homes on lakes.

possumlady said...

Wow! Please be careful! In the news you hear about Vermont but now with this latest rain deluge so many others are affected. We received around 6 inches of rain since Tuesday. I won't even look in my basement as it regularly gets wet with a heavy rain. I'll just wait for it to drain out.

I start thinking of all the strays that are out in this weather...breaks my heart.

meowmeowmans said...

Terrible! So sad for all the folks and animals whose homes are being damaged and destroyed.

Glad you are okay, friends. Purrs and prayers for your continued safety.