Friday, December 26, 2008

Presents for all

Christmas was good to us. The house cats started out with a heavy dose of catnip before I vacuumed for the day. Merry Christmas kitties, here are your drugs!

Mom fired up the sewing machine and turned polar fleece into cat mats, which I use in the cages in the cat facility, or give away with adoptions. Mom did not notice that the polar fleece on top was stamped with "WWJD" until after she bought it. If I notice any of the cats in the facility looking especially contemplative, I'll know why. :)

I am not in need of a whole lot of stuff, but there were a few kitchen gadgets that I needed to replace. Mom and Linda were happy to oblige, although finding a sifter with a turn handle versus the squeeze handle was apparently a worthy challenge (and I am picky about things like that)!

And as a special surprise, Mom gave me this extra plush couch throw, and the cats and I may have quite a few fights over this on chilly evenings:

This evening I'll post Christmas for the facility cats! Right now I need to run into town and feed the ferals.

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