Thursday, April 03, 2008 really is One Day Banner

I love living in small towns.

I ordered the banners above on Tuesday evening, online, at

They sent a tracking number. They called the next day to make sure I'd gotten my proofs. I had not. They sent them again while I was on the phone with them. By the day's end, the banners were complete, and had left California. Amazing!

I checked the next day, and the package was in Elmira (2 hours from me). I called my Spencer post office, and they told me they would be going to Newfield first, and Newfield would deliver them to me. I called the Newfield post office, but there was no answer.

By 3:30 pm I was getting antsy, and called Newfield back. This time someone answered. I said, "Hi, my name is Susan Greene, and I live in Spencer..." and before I can say much more he says "It's leaning against the chair on your front porch."

I ran down with my portable phone, and there it was. A package with my banners.

Magic. In less than 48 hours, banners from my imagination, from CA, to NY, to my house.

Okay, now answer me this. Can you believe they had clip-art of a woman in a purple mumu feeding cats?

I'm not quite at purple mumu level yet, but Mark has winced at what I've walked out the door wearing, a few times.

Thanks,! And the US Post Office, especially the staff and postmasters in tiny towns. (Yes, our postmasters answer their own phone when on duty, and even hand-deliver express mail--I've had my postmaster pull up, hand me my express mail and say "So this is where you live!")


Anonymous said...

Argh, I forgot there was something I had to attend this weekend. Maybe another time!

Those banners look great!! I hope the expo went well and there was a good turnout.

Anonymous said...

wow! those are great! how much?
You could sell 'em - the purple muu-muu one...