Tuesday, January 04, 2011

More feline Christmas cheer

Donna sent a photo of sweet Espie to cheer me up when I was sick. How could she not make someone smile?

And then of course there is little Dude. Debra sent his photo along (and yes, we need to get together soon!)

And while I've already blogged this photo of Zuzu, I had to include her beauteousness in honor of the good thoughts Stephanie sends throughout the year.

Speaking of friends, this week Nancy is feeding the Fast Food Ferals while Kat is on vacation, and she also used some of her magical contacts to help keep them safe another year, as their shelters need to move yet again. She found them a place to go. We love you, Nancy! Nancy adopted Gizmo, formerly Paddles.

Whenever someone says to me "Why in the world would you want to spend all your time and money rescuing CATS for God's sake," I point to all the kind and genuinely good people who are in my life, both those who can help, and those who just touched my life while they were helping an animal in need.

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