Saturday, January 29, 2011

Greene colony continued

I received an update from the folks in Greene who are TNRing their cats. "George" was picture-perfect in the pre-baiting stage. They fed him in the trap up until the night before the vet appointment.

George apparently was quickly caught at the appointed time and made it safely to the vet, where it was discovered "Georgie" was in fact "Georgie-Girl." We know how that goes!

Please note the perfect use of two slit pillowcases to cover the trap. This beats the heck of out bundling the trap up in an ungainly sheet (although a sheet is still good if you need to house the cat overnight and want to be sure he/she doesn't pull the cover off). These nice neat covers make things a lot less cumbersome on you, the vet, and don't take up 1/3 of a load of laundry afterward.

...and then moved successfully into the feral cat den I lent them (they already had everything else they needed).

After a week or more of rest in a warm, sheltered, indoor location in her cage, Georgie-Girl will be freed back outside the house, to face a kitten-free spring!

And then it will be Shadow's turn:

Rather than housing and adopting out cats, this is really what I would like to do: Create a spay/neuter fund that would finance spay/neuter for people like this, have an equipment bank to lent traps, cages, and dens to the public, and provide training.

It's just a 501(c)(3) away...

(note: Why not just kill the cats? Ecocatwoman has a great post this morning summarizing why this hasn't worked. And she blogged TWO HOURS before I did this morning. She is far more productive on a Saturday morning than I am!


Connie, Orlando said...

It's not snowing in Florida, so no reason to sleep in.

Go for it with the 501 (c) (3)! I was president of CARE Feline in Orlando for about 10 years. They just work with members of the community to help them get community cats fixed. Over 15,000 since 1995.

Susan said...

I'm ready/willing to send in the 501(c) app except I need to close out the loose ends of my old business, Wildrun. And I've been lazy about that...

Connie, Orlando said...

Susan, do you know anyone in NY that can take "free" horses from two different ranches? Most are either Paints, Palominos or Arabian. There are 70 horses. If you email me at cagorl at bellsouth dot net, I can forward the email to you.

Doodle Bean said...

I love cats, yet in some sensitive areas, they do have a large impact on the survival of some endangered species. Like most issues, this one is not black-or-white.

There are things we can do to help out feral cat colonies in non-sensitive areas and things we can do to help out endangered species on sensitive areas.