Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Great Xmas for the cats

Alas, I have been laid low by not one but three viruses (the cold-type, not the computer-type) and am way behind on my blogging. Luckily I did manage to take photos so that I could share Christmas for cats in a belated fashion.

Jack and The Lewitt, above, one set of "bestest friends", sent a whole Christmas tree worth of presents, in addition to their support throughout the year:

Presents are always checked out by the house cats, first, and they are heartily disappointed when they only get to keep a mouse or two. More photos to come of the rescued cats enjoying their bounty!

Jelli, Phillip, and the whole House of Stout not only fed my sister and I royally on Christmas Eve, they also send support at holidays, and when I sound too sad on the Facebook or the blog. :)

The kitty colony on Hagadorn Hill sent a Christmas photo as well. Valarie and Craig are fosterers extraordinaire, and also keep my vehicles running, and keep an eye on my driveway in winter to plow it out when I am traveling so Donna and Tim can get in to care for the cats.

More friendship to come. Thank you everyone. I couldn't do this without you!


Heather said...

My cat loves her presents, too -- this year she was able to actually unwrap hers (it did have catnip in it)

Chrissykat said...

Sorry to hear of your viruses, bummer. Love the pictures in this post. That's quite the haul for the kitties...and they deserve every one.

c said...

or when i'm too sad. :) your upstairs looks great!