Friday, January 14, 2011

Longfellow and Wiggles find a wonderful home

A few weeks ago, I posted that Longfellow was off to a new home in NYC. Well, sadly, that home fell through. The adopters found a cat closer to home, and while we are always happy when any homeless cat is adopted, it was a disappointment. There had been lots of preparations for the the trip (the vet visit, the new tires "just in case" a snowstorm hit, the borrowed GPS, the new camcorder to be sure the adopters had more than just photos and emails to view, etc.).

All of these are investments I needed to make anyway. I probably wouldn't have lumped them all together, but the camcorder is getting me increased inquiries on my other kittens, the new tires are like Velcro in the snow, and Longfellow was due for his vet visit anyway.

It seems like there is almost always a reason "things happen." Because not only has Longfellow been adopted into a new local home, his sister Wiggles has as well!

Renee and her family had adopted a totally feral cat from me for their barn about six years ago (I believe?), and given him a wonderful life (ongoing vet care, a new barn cat buddy, a new barn when they moved). Renee has periodically sent updates--even a photo of her hugging a cat I had been certain was forever unhuggable. They were now looking for a pair of kittens upon the passing of their beloved house cat.

They came to visit, and while the kittens were charming, it was Wiggles who pulled out all the stops, drawing brother Longfellow along with her. She climbed right into laps, purring loudly and gazing soulfully into their eyes.

Guess what?

Today Renee sent photos of Longfellow and Wiggles, now Comet and Halley, well-settled into a beautiful home where they are now the one-and-onlys.  Just like every cat deserves. A home of their very own.

"They slept with us the very first night and have been pretty much every night since.  Once in awhile I hear one of them raising heck with the toys in the living room.  Usually it is Comet, but last night it was Halley because Comet was sleeping next to me!
Our favorite game has been to take the feathers they have torn off toys and put them on the forced air vents on the floor when the heat is running.  The feathers fly up and look like moths.  It is great fun for all of us and the feathers are getting "recycled"!  I expect great things from them when we get moths in the house next summer"

I have to say, the first evening they were gone, it was a bit of a shock when I shook the treat bag, and only my five pet cats came running out. Some readers may shake their heads at five, but for years I had seven pets cats. Two passed away, and Longfellow and Wiggles got house privileges to maintain the status quo. Five cats may seem like a lot, but seven is pretty much a swarm!

When only five cats fit quietly around two plates in my kitchen, it seemed downright quiet around here. In bed that night....I had no cats! None of my oldsters was willing to brave the cold and come up to keep me company!

Ivan has since realized he will have no competition upstairs (and remembers there is an electric blanket) so he has finally started joining me. Toward morning, Nellie comes up as well. 

I will miss Longfellow and Wiggles. I have to say I got a bit weepy-eyed when their photos arrived. But there could not be a better home for them. I could not have written a fairy tale that ends this well.

It's not like we can't find kittens who would like to fill the vacancy...



By the way, handsome grey Tyler has a visitor tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for him!


Chrissykat said...

I couldn't sleep tonight so I got out of bed and came out to the livingroom to get on line. I'm so glad I did as reading about Longfellow and Wiggles has made me smile bigger than I have in quite some time.

Connie, Orlando said...

Seven cats is a perfect number. I admire your restraint. Wish I could say the same for myself.

It's terrific that Wiggles & Longfellow went together.

Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

You did good Longfellow and Wiggles.