Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Will catch kittens for food

I took two kittens from Susan M. and she came bearing--not only kittens--but a bag with muffins, and a super-amazing catnip toy for my cats.

Then this week I got an email from a gentleman who has four feral kittens in his barn. He offered to pay me as we were hauling boxed-up hissing kittens to the car, and I told him the fact that he was paying for the spay/neuter was reward enough for me, since I often end up paying for it myself. However, when he mentioned he had a garden full of produce, I didn't turn him down.

I had planned to just drop off a trap tonight for the kittens to get used to, but there they were, huddled behind some corrugated roofing, so after some squirming around and some serious snarling and hissing, I managed to get three of them. One went up into the rafters, and we've left a trap for him. The landowner will check the trap this evening and close it so as not to catch wildlife tonight, then open it again in the morning.

So we are now at full kitten capacity. I'll make appointments to get these kids fixed. I told this landowner I could not get stuck with these guys, and I'd work with them this week and next, until they were recovered from spay/neuter, and we'd see what their personalities were like then. These are big kittens, and quite aggressive. But sometimes it is the most aggressive kittens who turn into purrballs the fastest.

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Out walking the dog said...

Nice work. Hope you get the little escape artist as well.