Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jinx - Here and gone, the way we like it

I got an email from Jake, who adopted Brie last year. Someone had dumped a kitten at their place in a box, and the local animal shelter was full. One of the perks of being a Wildrun adopter is if you find yourself in a bind, we'll help you out if we can. So I said "bring the little bugger on over."

Well, when you keep a kitten for a day or so, especially when you spend a considerable amount of time getting the fleas off him, you get attached. So by the time Jake and Jinx got here, Jake was thinking they might keep him. So before he left Jinx with me, we had the big discussion about what would happen if Jinx tested positive for FeLV/FIV, etc. Would they still be interested in adopting an FeLV cat, etc? The tough questions. (Luckily Jinx did not test positive).

Because it was way too hot in my isolation area of the cat facility, Jinx spent a fun night in the great room and did not break a single thing. I spent an hour picking more fleas off of him (I totally forgot I had one Capstar pill left I could have used on him) and we made a whirlwind trip to the vet Friday am for an exam and testing.

The vet felt his pale color was likely due to all those fleas. He was FeLV/FIV negative (big sigh of relief), and had earmites. Once I got him home he got an ear cleaning, an intranasal FVRCP vaccination, Capstar to kill his live fleas, Revolution for residual flea protection and help with those earmites. He was a pretty patient little guy to put up with all that.

Then Jake called and after we talked a bit about the cost of future vet bills (getting the kitten fixed, etc.) he picked Jinx up and will check back about his color, etc. next week. We did all the adoption forms, medical records, etc. and I made him promise to send me Brie (now Jazz) pictures for the blog.

Wouldn't it be nice to have cat rescue always work this way? Person finds kitten, Wildrun-donors-vet help kitten, person keeps kitten? But kittens aren't usually dropped at houses where there is space for a new kitten.

Jinx is a lucky cat!


Sparrow's Nest said... it when this happens. It's hard not to fall in love with a kitten. It's built in!!!

Chrissykat said...

Yes, yes it sure would be nice if it worked that way every time. Jinx is lucky little guy. And by the looks of him is going to grow into a very handsome cat!