Saturday, July 24, 2010

What'd we get? What'd we get!!

There was a key in my PO Box yesterday, which is like Christmas. You take the key over to the big package PO Boxes and put it in the one with the matching number. I found a big squishy package that somehow had made the trip in such pristine condition you'd think it had been delivered by hand.

Wiggles and Longfellow helped open it. Cage blankies. Beautiful handmade cage blankets for the cats!

There's always one joker who prefers the bag.

You only get to keep TWO, you house kitties! The rest go to the homeless kitties in the cat facility. They probably won't appreciate them until this heat breaks tomorrow, although they'll love them on their cage floors and the vinyl floor so they have something to cuddle on when it finally cools off. I'll put some away for this fall as well. They LOVE these.

Visitors love them as well. They always remark on them in the cages. If someone adopts a cat that has one of the blankets in their cage, I usually send it home with the cat, so their first night has familiar smells.

This time they came with a return address so I can send a thank-you card. They are so soft and beautiful. Thank you, thank you!!


Chrissykat said...

Wow! That's so great. The kitties will definitely enjoy those in cooler weather to snuggle with. It may just inspire me to learn how to knit/crochet & add to the stash. Always a good day when something other than a bill shows up in the mail right?!

georg said...

Hooray! They made it! :) I'll point her over here. :)

Susan said...

Thank you, georg! They probably arrived earlier, but I only check the PO Box twice a week. I'm about to start a big kitten-adoption drive, so these will make the cat facility look great.

Handmade House said...

The yarn was donated by Mildred Westhoven via Barb Rushworth, and by Robin Cryan. It was my pleasure to knit for the kitties. Is there a standard size blanket for cat shelters?

Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

what a surprise and how nice.