Monday, July 05, 2010

Neighbor's dog lost, also named Molly

Molly is lost on Hagadorn Hill Road, which is up behind my property. I'll be home at the red house/barn on Owl Creek Road throughout the day if you find her and want to bring her here. She was lost when fireworks went off on the evening of July 3. Molly belongs to Clint Sindoni.

This is from Debra, Clint's friend and friend of Wildrun:
Molly recently lost her hearing...can hear only loud noises......she is 11 years old and is black with white around her face.....she is sweet although when you meet her she will bark.....SHE LOVES empty water bottle or empty SODA can....even though she can't hear it , if you crunch the bottle or can she will come running ..she loves to play with them.......

The local dog control officers have all been notified too.

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mikken said...

Any word on Molly?