Saturday, July 03, 2010

Kittens coming around

(More on that cute Hide, Perch, and Go" box later).

We have five semi-feral kittens from the kennel where Molly stays--the last unfixed felines on their property. I scooped them all up when I picked Molly up after my final work trip of the spring, and told the kennel owner I would fix and find homes for any that are truly tameable, and fix and return any that would likely remain shy. He has a number of barns crammed full of cool stuff, with total protection from the weather, and lots of half-doors for cats to leap up on and survey their world. It's a beautiful property, and the fixed cats there seem healthy and happy.

I'm in a position where I cannot get "stuck with" any kittens. I still have Longfellow and Wiggles from last year's crop. My job for the remainder of this summer to get at least the five very-friendly cats I have here adopted, as well as helping with some feral colonies where spay/neuter is already taking place.

The kennel seemed a good place to start. The gentleman has been working hard getting the adults all fixed. At first they were staying here after surgery, but then he just borrowed a cage, trap, and feral den to do it himself. When he didn't get that final cat, and she had a litter of kittens, I'm sure that was a wake-up call for him. I'm certain that if any future cats show up, he'll call me or get them fixed right away.

Once these kittens are placed, I'll call around to all the colonies I've helped in the past to make sure everything is OK there. Another rescuer emailed me about helping with a colony in Willseyville, and I said I'd take two FRIENDLY kittens from there for the off-site adoption cage at my veterinarian's office. Once they are placed I can take another one (by that point, the remaining kittens are likely to be too big to fit two in a cage).

With a single income, and the generosity of a few dedicated past adopters, I'm in a place where I can't be the person who swoops in and fixes a big project anymore--at least not until these friendly cats are adopted. With the bear around, I really am not comfortable having cats--especially kittens that may mew mournfully and draw attention to themselves--in the bottom of my barn. A determined bear could push out the windows or yank off the door.

So this summer will primarily be a summer of batting cleanup. I'll help people keep their colonies under control, and take care of accidental kittens that--if left unattended--could result in past projects failing.

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Chrissykat said...

Blend the two on the sides and you get the one in the middle! Too too too cute...each one of 'em!