Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yes, I am alive and rescuing...

Here, the three current little terrors have sat still long enough for a photo. They are now old enough to be fixed and get outta here:

And yes, little Hope is doing great!

I had some family responsibilities this weekend so did not spend much time on the computer at the end of the week. I also planned to buy a new washer this weekend, since my only-one-year-old-cheap-as-dirt washer succumbed beneath the constant assault of cat towels. This afternoon I realized I was rapidly running out of weekend and ran into town, planning on spending big bucks on a washer and woodstove. Well, the woodstove places are all closed on on Sunday, but not the washer folks, thank goodness. Thayer Appliance was able to fix me up with a top-of-the-line front loading Bosch washer, which they say I can load as heavily as I need, and which they tell me will save money on the dryer, because it has an extra fast spin that will remove more water. I kind of feel like the day I bought my first brand-new vehicle. I've never owned a washer this nice. But given that the last one died in a year ($350 out the window), if I'm going to do this much wash, I need a machine that will take it.

And please, no donations to help! The natural gas lease paid for this baby, and will also take care of the woodstove.

I was a bit bummed that I couldn't move forward on the woodstove, but I think I'll just call them and have them come on out, since the chimneys need work, anyway. I'm sure they have books they can haul along, or can show me models on my computer.

It's time to get the heaters in the cat facility and put the fans away. Another season zooms by. It's also time to pull out Tim and Donna's raised pet beds so the kitties can sleep off the floor. They like the vinyl floor in the summer (nice and cool) but notsomuch in the winter.


VA Loans said...

I Purchase va cat a couple of weeks ago and we are trying to keep it indoors the best we can. However, having young children seems to complicate things. Our youngest, Brad, likes to take the kitten to his friends house and loan it to them (their home is directly behind ours). We've pretty much given up hope keeping it indoors.

2Vamp said...

OOOooo... you have a serious case of Cuteness going on there!