Friday, October 31, 2008

I used to work with these people

photo poached from here

Today I realized it was October 31 and I had a truck in the drive whose inspection expired in October. Whoopsie! So I grabbed the computer and drove off to drop the truck at the garage and work for the day from a cafe in Ithaca. My porch light turns on automatically (uh oh, it's Halloween) and I forgot to leave the candy out in a bowl on the porch (yeah, you can do that in my neighborhood, believe it or not). And I wouldn't be home until after dark! I obsessed about my neighbor's kids whose parents would stop at my drive (seeing the lights) to send their children hauling up my hill only to discover I wasn't there.

So I emailed my neighbor and former co-worker Nancy, and warned her not to bother to stop until later in the evening, and not to stop at all unless the white truck was in the drive, since I had committed the Halloween faux pas of leaving lights on when no one is home.

She got my message and replied. Nancy works in the Bio Department at Ithaca College, where I once worked. She sent me the link to the Center for Natural Sciences Building Halloween challenge photos (link below). Ummmm...OK, I miss my old job now! I see that they still are the crazy place they were three years ago. An infusion of new students every year will do that.

Somehow it seems that dressing up as a cat wouldn't have fit in with the horror motif. Be sure to continue hitting the "down" arrow to view all the photos.

Thanks, Nancy (no, not you Nancy, the other Nancy...there are so many Nancys!) for sending this link!

And yes, I did manage to zoom home so that the truck was in the drive in time to catch my handful of trick-or-treaters. So now I don't need to eat all of that chocolate. Just the half a basket they didn't take.


Kristina said...

Wow, I miss those crazy yahoos too.

Wildrun said...

Kristina has a blog!

2Vamp said...

haha... half a basket... easy peasy ;)

PS, that kitty pumpkin is gorgeous!