Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 million dollar cat

And of course what I drool over is the habitat they have for Tama and her friends at the train station (You can see it in the background during a few shots).


Anonymous said...

Seems this is how a “super developed economy” and its citizens should be managed. The lesser “developing economies” will still have to be planned keeping in mind the real issues like people’s basic needs and environmental concerns. But this one sets a terrific example though that this actually works.
US should seriously consider getting a pig to stimulate its citizens with such entertainment opportunities and become a super successful entertainment economy. (Go back to your place where you came from, you visionary nerdy moron, being top of the class will lead you to no where !).

Zuleme said...

That is one of the weirdest stories I have seen lately.
Does this love of one cat translate into better treatment of other cats in Japan?