Monday, October 06, 2008

Cat Command Central

The sentence that sums up my life should be: "People give me things."

This week, Donna and Tim gave me this very cool desk, which they needed to move from their mom's house. It has given me a good excuse to start to turn the downstairs den into my bedroom, in anticipation of putting the door on the stairs and shutting off the upstairs for the winter. It also completely changed the design of the den from "antique/traditional" (Mark's rolltop desk) to modern. And I need as much change as I can get.

That cute cat tree by the window was sent as a birthday present from Cary (whose dad is featured a few posts below). I'll need to get a better shot of it. The kittens are lovin' it.

I also rearranged the bedroom (well, dragged the bed to a new position, and vacuumed under it) which totally peeved Norma, the upstairs feral, as it messed up her sleeping spots. When I came up I discovered she'd found a new the dresser drawer I'd left open. Ummm....hmmmm...I'm not sure that can remain an option, even if she does look cute as sin sleeping on my jeans. I also dragged yet more of my ex's furniture out to the barn.

We're getting there.

I came home to discover Nellie (one of my pet cats) is holding up her front paw. So it's off to the vet for her.

More posts to come, as I still have some more thank-yous and updates.

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