Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LOL Cats Art Show and....Change.

I can't imagine anyone who found this blog isn't already familiar with the LOL Cats at Most of you will understand how the phenomenon made the leap off the blog page and into an art cafe. If you aren't familiar with LOL Cats, be sure to bookmark the page and check it daily, especially when you are having a bad moment and need a smile.

But if you bought a piece of this LOL viral art, eight years from now would a visitor to your home look it on your wall and understand what it was all about? Or will the phenom be entirely forgotten?

Well, here's a viral video from eight years ago (a Budweiser commercial, be sure to watch the whole thing). I certainly had forgotten it.

However, here's a somewhat surprising follow-up, just released:

Don't forget to vote next week.

True. True.


Blueberry said...

LOLcat art show! I wants one!

Judy said...


Completely aside from the LOL Cats stuff...

the Bud commercial was hysterical.

the next video brought me to tears.

Looking forward to TUESDAY!!!