Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hope grows up and begins her travel adventures

Little Hope has proven to be a strong little lady, so she's off to PA to foster with Cary, who will spoil her horribly. I love bottle-feeding kittens more than anything, but I have so much travel in the fall, it isn't possible. Even Cary has travel for work, and little Hope will be off on a car trip to Silver Spring on Wednesday. But I have to fly, and planes trump cars when it comes to kittens! Thanks, Cary, for fostering Hope!

Here's a somewhat less alien photo of her:

This is the most easy-care kitten I've ever had. Can you believe she is waterproof? No kidding. You put her under a warm faucet and the water just rolls off her. If you work hard to get her wet, she dries off in mere seconds with a towel. Most kittens end up getting subjected to long towelings or a hair dryer to make sure they don't get a chill. But not Hope!

The Terrorist Kittens will be staying with Valarie and Craig, Donna and Tim are taking care of the cat facility cats, and the one good thing about hunting season is people with guns are happy to house sit.


Anonymous said...

You are simply amazing. It's so good to know that Hope is thriving. Wish you luck in eventually managing to catch her mom and get her fixed. You are inspirational.....thanks.


C.R.O.W. Cat Rescue said...

She's so darling!