Thursday, August 11, 2011

Six, yes SIX kittens abandoned

A neighbor came lugging a crate (no door!) up the path the day before yesterday. It contained SIX kittens that she had found at the intersection just before my house. Just out of sight of my door--where they could have brought them had they had guts to do so.

Thank you, someone, for taking another $1100 from me. $1100 that no one has, right now.

FeLV/FIV tests @ $30 each = $180
FVRCP @ $4 each = $24
Capstar @ $2 each = $12
Rabies (when old enough) @ $5 each =$30
3 pediatric neuters = $300
3 pediatric spays = $400
Hernia repair on 2 = $150

Total = $1096

That doesn't include food, litter, worming, and further flea treatment.

Just think. If you'd gotten your own cat fixed at your vet ($250) or local spay/neuter clinic ($50, or sometimes free) you wouldn't be stealing from me, and from the veterinarians who give a discount.

And, worse yet, your cat is going to have another litter. And another. And another.

Bless you, Carmen, for stopping when you saw something that didn't look right!


Cat Enclosures for Outdoors said...

so glad there are people like you to take in kitties like me and people like my human who adopts them. I agree how sad it is that the cat will be let to breed over and over and more kittens who will need homes and may not be anywhere near as lucky as this litter.

No excuse not to spay or neuter and keep kitty inside! We love our outdoor cat enclosures so that we can play at being wild and do some safe birdwatching when mom lets us.

Susan Greene said...

Because of the bears, I built one of wood and wire, abutted against my kitchen window. I love seeing what people come up with for enclosures for their cats.

possumlady said...

I think you should enlarge your post, print out copies and tack them up to telephone poles near where the kitties were left and any nearby store's bulletin board. Maybe a close by gas station too? How incredibly frustrating.

Thank you for all the thankless work you do on behalf of those helpless kitties.

meowmeowmans said...

Thank you for caring, and for your tireless efforts. Some people are so irresponsible, and it makes me furious that someone would choose not to spay or neuter their pets, then just dump the babies as if they were trash. That's just sub-human.

A few Good Cats said...

I hope there really is such a thing as karma, because then I'd have a good feeling that everyone involved would get what he or she deserves. Adding our cheers to everyone else's for Carmen and for you. You did the humane thing.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

I really loathe people like this. There are some cat owners in the apartment block next to mine who do the same.

If I ever catch them, Ima gonna neuter *them*.