Thursday, March 31, 2011

Record year for abandonment

I stepped outside to let Molly in from her clip, and Bear in from the porch, and heard:

"Mow! Mow! Mow!" from under my truck by the road.

He's going to the vet in record time. I had an appointment for Cricket tomorrow, and Cornerstone fit this guy in as well. He's a sweet fellow, but moving..always moving. I had a devil of time getting a photo of him. I'm sure it's because he's scared and nervous. Who wouldn't be, after being tipped out in the road, quite likely.

He has earmites and fleas. Revolution and Capstar will take care of those. The vet likes to give me good-natured hell if a flea crosses the surgical site. My cats are flea free, so I always forget that strays are not.


Nichole @ Parlour said...

Poor thing. Sometimes, I like animals better than people. How could someone dump that sweet little guy.

wickedwitch said...

Nicole, I've found the older I get, the more I love animals and the less I like humans. How could someone with a soul throw this beauty away like so much trash? All my babies were throw aways like this darling. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

meg said...

I no longer apologize for liking animals more than most people. Poor scared little thing...and it's been so cold out the past few days here on Long Island, I can only imagine how cold it is upstate.

Northmoon said...

He looks really sweet. I hope he gets a good forever home soon.