Monday, March 14, 2011

Animals help, and need help, in Japan.

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Post Note: Serbian Animals In Need blog has a very comprehensive list of links to assist animals in this triple disaster in Japan.

Also, The Daily Tail

In the aftermath of the incredible multiple disasters in Japan, animals are both helping, and need help there. Canine search teams are prepared to head out..Unfortunately, existing restrictions on import of animals to Japan have resulted in roadblocks.

While the death toll here grows by the hour, U.S. officials said they are working with the Japanese to expedite approval of dog teams from Virginia and California now on their way to Japan to avoid similar bureaucratic snafus. The 150 American rescuers and their 12 dogs trained to find survivors will arrive in Japan today.

World Vets is also mobilizing to assist animals in need in Japan. I've placed their fundraising widget in the column to the right if you are able to give.

Healthy Pets & People reminds us to be prepared--for our pets' sake--in case disaster strikes our own lives. There is also disaster preparedness information on Petfinder's disaster page.

Go to the Blogpaws blog for more links.

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sheriff said...

We all need to help your pets in trouble !