Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Run like a rabbit and go! Adopt-the-Internet Day, March 15

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

I know I have shelter and rescue bloggers who visit here daily. This is a great opportunity to get extra web traffic and help find more homes for homeless pets. If you know of a shelter/rescue who blogs, please pass this on!

In honor of Petfinder.com's 15th birthday year they have named Tuesday March 15, Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day. It's a day devoted to spreading the word about pet adoption, so people think adoption when they decide to bring a pet into their lives.

It is basically a takeover of the Internet from now through March 15 (and beyond?) so the web is buzzing about adoption everywhere you look.

Petfinder is hosting a blog hop and asking websites and bloggers everywhere to talk about pet adoption. You or the organizations you adopted a pet from can be on there if you--or they--have a blog.

So you don't have a blog? If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account you can also participate.

Petfinder will be including a "linky" on their landing page on March 15 where you can add your post links. They will also be sharing your links all day on Twitter and will be promoting the landing page with the links on Facebook all day. They have over 100k followers on Facebook and over 11k on Twitter. That's a lot of people finding your post and learning about adoption from you.

Here is the landing page: http://www.petfinder.com/info/adopt-the-internet  You can find badges to post on your blog or website, and more.

So...all you have to do is post just once between March 1 and March 14th about Adopt the Internet Day. That shouldn't be hard, since almost everyone here has adopted or rescued a pet and has a story to tell. ;)

Then, on March 15th--the big day--devote at least one blog post to the subject of pet adoption. You can write about what it means to you, share your own adoption story, tell your readers why adoption is so important.

You can also feature one of the shelter and rescue-nominated Adopt-the-Internet All-Star Adoptable pets at http://www.petfinder.com/adopt-the-internet-2011/gallery I believe Tiger Tom is in there, but I haven't clicked all 400-some pets yet.

Petfinder also has a giveaway for people who pledge to tell one friend about pet adoption. They have ways to share on social media and more. I'll send more information about that in a later post tonight.

Even ICanHasCheezburger is involved. You can caption adoptable pets!

Send me a link to your post--one now to spread the word, and another on March 15 to share your words on adoption--and I'll add it below. I'll also repost the list to get as much traffic as possible to everyone who participates. That will be happening all over the internet. Thanks!

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Petfinder Blog (of course)
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Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

i have posted from my person facebook page but i don't think i have it correct.
changed my profile to petfinder pic.

Strayer said...

I submitted a cat from my pet list, Sage, and finally today, went through the all star photos and she's not there. I didn't see Tiger Tom either, but I could have missed him, looking for Sage. I e-mailed petfinder to ask why Sage didn't get included.