Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feral cat organizations: Neighborhood

I'm a huge fan of Neighborhood Cats, perhaps because I've seen Bryan Kortis speak so many times (and maybe because they put my two-door cat shelter in their first manual?). Their goal is to train every person who cares one whit about cats in how to do TNR simply and well, throughout New York City and beyond. When you come through one of Bryan's workshops, you leave wondering why you ever thought it might be complicated, because he stands there with his trap, tells it like it is, hands out his DVDs so you have the info when you leave, and you simply have no excuses.

They also have finally done what needs to be done, and that is design the perfect trap and make it affordable. One of their newly designed Tomahawk traps is only $55, and with a divider to help restrain the cat, it's only $69. Given that I spent $79 on a Tomahawk 15 years ago, this is an incredible value, and a great trap.

Their home page is jammed packed full of everything. You can tell from the home page exactly what is there. It is great! I send homeowners who want to help their cats directly to Neighborhood Cats, because it's very clear and straightforward.

I see they now have a news feed up at the very top of the home page. This addition will keep me coming back. They are also on Facebook

So go right now to and make sure you bookmark it for future visits. Their history is worth a read. The final paragraphs sum up the current status of TNR in the animal welfare movement.

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