Friday, February 04, 2011

Zootie finds his niche

Zootie spent his first two days exploring the house and growling all the while. He wanted everyone to like him, but he wasn't sure. He'd headbutt the dog...and growl. Try to play with Tyler...growling. Tyler took it in stride. Nellie, the matriarch, gave him quite a smack. She wasn't having any of it.

After 48 hours, the growling faded away and and he acts like he never left. He curls up in my elbow while I work, and runs around with a plastic bottle top in his mouth (video on that later). The first two nights he was content to stay in the boarding rooms. The third night he howled mournfully. The fourth night, I put him and Tyler together for the night, and that's how it has remained. They seem happy enough with all the beds and toys to themselves.

Can I get a photo of him with his beautiful eyes open? No--he blinks at the flash.

He's happy and healthy, and ready to go live with someone else!

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Strayer said...

OMG I can't take it, he's so cute. There should be a law against such extreme cuteness.