Friday, February 04, 2011

More beds for orphans

georg dropped a hint that a present would be arriving at the P.O. Box. The weather has keep me at home. I've been chained to the computer during the day, and it has been too cold to go out and chip ice after dark.

Today at around 2:00 pm, with the sun streaming down, I announced via IM that I just had to deal with the snow on my car and in the drive.

I hadn't had a chance to check work mail all week either, so once the car was unburied, I zipped out to the post office. There indeed, inside my PO Box, was one of the magic keys to one of the package-keeper mailboxes. I opened it up, and there was a squishy brown paper wrapped package. Early Valentine's Day!

There was also a reminder in both PO Boxes that it was time to pay rental, so I stopped at the window to pay, and to pick up whatever warranted the yellow "signature needed" card that had also been in my PO Box. When she saw my card she said "Oh you have a package!" I insisted I'd already gotten it. She said "No, you have a BIG package." And out she came with a huge box!

When I came home, I opened up the packages and dived into many many beautiful cat blankets. As usual, my house cat perked up their ears and came over. At 3:00 in the afternoon, they are a little snoozy. True to fickle cat-ness, Ivan chose to nap on the bag...

...and Tyler chose to get IN the other.

As you can see, they are like Me and Mini-Me, which is why Tyler needs to find a home--before I resolve to keep him. Luckily Ivan had picked up those vibes, and has begun to get a little pissy with Tyler. This is good. I am intent on keeping peace in my household, and Ivan is the king. What Ivan wants, Ivan gets.

I'm looking forward to taking the box of blankets out to the cat facility where they will be properly appreciated by the cats for whom they were intended. I'm going to wait until the sun is up so I can get some video of them.

Thank you, Handmade House in NJ, and georg in Endicott, NY!


Anonymous said...

Happy to help!

- Handmade House

Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

How nice!