Sunday, February 06, 2011

Making felted cat toys

Now and then I run across things on the internet that I just have to play with. Usually I experiment once with them, and that's it. A few weeks ago I saw this neat way to make felted cat toys. I figured I'd try it out when some wool came my way. I mentioned it at a "girl's night out" and one of my friends, who has a sheep farm, said "Oh, don't buy it, I'll bring some next time!"

And she did. :) In beautiful dyed colors, yet. Friends are good.

I may ask her if I can buy a big bag of anything extra she may have, so I can make a bunch, before the novelty wears off. I tried infusing them in catnip tea, but they just smell like wet wool to me. I can snip open the hole where I inserted the bell in the wiffle ball and funnel catnip in, then sew them closed again, however.

About the only thing that grows well on this property is catnip (and the deer don't eat it!) I'm thinking of planting a quarter acre of it this summer, to sell or give to folks who make cat toys. Believe it or not, there are a lot of them. I grew two rows of it about 5 years ago and while drying and cleaning it was a pain, it was nice to have bags and bags of catnip!

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Strayer said...

They look very appealing, at least to me. But I am human. I'd play with anything.