Saturday, February 26, 2011

Old friends at the vet

Now and then I run into old friends when I take new cats into Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital.

Two weeks ago I ran into Schubert and Tuck, who were in for their yearly checkup. (Were they both in that crate? Can you believe I can't recall if it was Schubert or both of them now? Gettin' old...)

And when I was in this past week, Dr. Armao let me know I had just missed Shakespeare. Apparently he is doing great!

I wonder what percentage of clients at Cornerstone are Wildrun or Lucky Day Rescue cats?


kamarul said...

what an addorable one..whats her name?is it he or she?lol

Roni said...

Going to the vet I believe is one of my rabbits favorite because it is some of their chances to go out of their rabbit hutches.