Sunday, August 15, 2010

When my fifteen minutes of fame arrive, I'll be in the shower

I live in the middle of nowhere but people do find their way out to me. When they do, inevitably I am in the shower. This happens so frequently I bring Molly in from her porch patrol and lock the door, because I've had people (dog on porch = Susan's home) wander right in, and I have a bad habit of leaving the bathroom door open.

I emerged from my shower yesterday, let Molly back onto the porch, and discovered that Christy and Gordon had been by bearing gifts:

So I sat on my porch enjoying their flowers and produce, lamenting that I had not timed my morning differently so I could enjoy their company as well. The barn cats I just brought home are from their neck of the woods. In fact, they are lucky little calico Jewel didn't decide to have her kittens in their own shed!

If you have flowers or tomatoes in your garden to give away, if there is someone nearby you can think to make a garden gift, you will have brightened up someone's day the way C&G did mine!