Thursday, August 26, 2010

Returning little spitter barn kittens to their barn

So I returned the four spitter kittens back to their horse barn. Here is their cage, inside a stall. I'm going to go over to check on them this morning. I'm not sure if the barn owner opened the door yesterday or was going to wait until today. I don't like returning young guys to a barn, but this a nice barn with caring people, the kittens are tough cases, and frankly, I have 14 friendly kittens and only a few inquiries to adopt them.

One of the kittens was out here at the barn entirely by himself for almost two weeks, so hopefully he'll be able to show his siblings (who were caught earlier and might not remember the place well) the ropes.

The feral cats dens are lashed in place by bungie cords so they stay stacked.

Post note: Barn owner states she has opened the cage and the kittens are doing well. Three hate her (like good little feral kitties) and one lets her pet him when he's eating. Weather forecast is nice for a few days, so I feel better.

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