Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vaccinating trailer park cats

So a fellow rescuer neutered 40 some cats at a trailer park about 15 miles from me, two years ago. She was able to place many of them for adoption through the Tompkins County SPCA. My cat Bear is from that colony. Some of the cats stayed here to recover from surgery. I had let Bear out to stretch his legs because he was tame, and he pushed out a pane of glass on one of my antique barn windows and was gone. He was nothing but pawprints in the snow for four months until my husband left, then Bear (formerly "Blackie") decided to step into his place and showed up on my walk, perfectly tame, and announced my place was his.

So anyway I felt some compulsion to help when a rabid skunk wandered into the park, prompting the health department to order booster updates for the cats.

The resident who feed the cats has been incredible. Luckily she's able to watch the traps from her kitchen and she has been active in setting traps, letting out cats that have already been trapped, and covering and shutting the trapped cats up in her shed so they are safe. 13 cats have already been trapped and revaccinated, and that's pretty much all of them.

So don't let anyone tell you you can't revaccinate a colony!

Here's Tom-Tom after being released:

Their sturdy shelters:

One of the trapped torti-cats:

I was going to have to go out this morning to fetch a cat they caught last night, but the rescuer just called and she's going to do it. One less thing to do!

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