Thursday, August 19, 2010

More adventures this weekend

I got a call today from a fellow rescuer. A rabid skunk was found in a trailer park where she had fixed all the cats. Bear came from that colony. So all the cats have to receive rabies boosters ASAP. Guess what we'll be doing this weekend? I'll try to be sure to take photos.

If anyone has any traps they have borrowed from me, I will need to call them in immediately. I have only two here, and I once owned 15.

The older litter of kittens are all fixed, and went in for rabies vaccinations yesterday, so next week when I'm vacation I'll be doing a big adoption push. I've had two inquiries even with no bios at all on their Petfinder pet notes, and I'll be getting the rest up tomorrow. I'm going to get all the littlest guys up there too, in case someone would like to pre-adopt them.

If anyone hears anyone so much as whisper they might want a kitten, send them my way! As always, indoor homes only, and no declawing.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you have a PayPal account to accept donations?

Susan said...

uhhhh....somewhere. I had an Amazon account but they stopped the program. Let me see if I can dig out my paypal account and post a link. Donations would not be tax deductible tho, so I tend not to actively solicit funds. When people do give cash, I usually ask them to make it out by check to my vet, so they know exactly where their $$ is going. PayPal donations will probably be kept right in my PayPal account and used to purchase supplies via PayPal. That way the auditing will be clear and I can periodically post the accounting here on the blog. Thanks for asking!!!!

c and g said...

these kittens look so plushy!