Saturday, January 02, 2010

Emmi checks in!

There are lots of folks in the Emmi fan club. I don't normally do long-distance adoptions, but this one was "brokered" by Sara, the ultimate perfectionist, so I had to trust that when she said this was a perfect home, she meant it.

She meant it. Emmi has been in her new home one year now!

Sara and her beau have since moved to a new home in Montclair NJ that came complete with feral cats (at least one who is already eartipped). Her beau has an eclectic range of incredible talents, one of which is carpentry. So the ferals on her street now have (not one but) four of these wonderful cat shelters this winter.

Sara thinks perhaps one of these street kitties might be happy in her home with her current cat Gretel. Gretal is the poster kitty on the pink "special needs" search bar in the righthand column of my blog. So perhaps we'll be blogging a new rescued feral sometime soon?

Here is Emmi in her first home as a kitten. And here she is back living with me when her first and second home didn't work out. And here she is last Christmas in her new forever home!


Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

Emmi is one lucky cat!

Chrissykat said...

What a beautiful kitty. Thank goodness she was given a second (and third)chance!

Chrissykat said...

P.S. I think those handmade feral cat houses are just wonderful. For all the cats lucky enough to find them, I say a heartfelt, Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Emmi lives in the town next door to me. Montclair has a strong TNR program via HumaneMontclair and tons of animal lovers. Emmi chose wisely.