Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The heat's on. The clan finds new sleeping places

And Emmi has discovered there is a heat vent under the pedestal sink! Mmmmmmm....warm! Stretch and curl up. Silly cat!

I just got home from a work trip to Augusta, Georgia, and Ft.Lauderdale Florida. As we flew into Ithaca, I looked down at a white world. Snow! So on the way home I stopped for 4 new tires to replace the bald ones on "Ebu," the white truck, because I need to do some driving for family.

Am I ready for winter? I'm not sure. I went out to the cats at around midnight for one last tuck-in last night. The beautiful bright white fields, the crisp cold, and the porch light over the snowy lawn sure were worth the visit.

Post Note: Alice has posted Emmi here. Thanks, Alice! And I was just talking to my friend, Susan, about how her cat chooses to use the tub as a urinal. I'm glad Emmi has decided that the sink makes a better napping spot than a potty spot.


Rebecca said...

I think you should keep Emmi for your own. She really likes you.

Alice said...

She is lovely and so smart!
My cat has a totally different use for sinks.

Wildrun said...

No way, Becky! She wants to be someone's one and only for sure. :) We'll find her the right person one way or another!

Wildrun said...

Uh oh. Dare I guess, Alice, that one of yours pees in the sink?

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan!

Finally started a blog. Still getting the hang of it. Emmi is very beautiful! I'm sure she'll find her one and only!