Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kittens to go

This next month is going to include a big adoption push. I have a bunch of cats and kittens that need homes. Hope, the Terrorist Kittens (who appear to have overcoming their sneezes), Emmi, and Bear, all need to be adopted.

Emmi and Bear are a priority. Their presence in the house has caused an Imbalance In the Force that has resulted in actual cat fights. When Bear liked lounging on the front porch, he wasn't a problem in the house at night. But he refuses to go out now that it's cold (smart cat!) and is staking his claim in the house. Ivan is attempting to keep his Alpha Cat status (and frankly, he's too old to be taking on 16 pound Bear), and Emmi just doesn't get it, and ends up being a target for Squeak and Ivan. I woke up last night to squalls and thumping, and found bits of Emmi fur all over the hallway, with Squeak disappearing down the stairs.

Poor Bear has been banished to a run in the cat facility (with daytime runaround privileges on the farm).

Today I'll take another trip to Home Depot for the stair door I've been planning to put in, or a temporary screen door for the upstairs hallway, to keep Emmi safe. Thankfully I can use these screen doors in the cat facility this spring, or I would be grumbling over the waste of money.

The time has come to Poster The World and get ads in the paper, as well as update the Petfinder page. Its Home for the Holidays at Wildrun.

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