Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Velvet gets a grooming

Not much gets me out of the house early, unless it's an opportunity to visit a grown-up adoptee. Now, for some reason I thought her name was Violet, but when I look through my pictures, I find Velvet. Nancy will let me know what her name really is, because I have now confused myself so much I don't recall.

She has grown into quite a pretty lady, but she had some mats on her belly so was off to The Grooming Room for a spiff-up. Nancy let me know that Velvet was going to be in at 9:30 am Sunday, and there I was, believe it or not. It was great to see her owners, who used to foster for me until they filled up their homes with not only Velvet, but Gnocchi as well (who apparently has grown up into quite a pisser, picking on all the other

Even cats sometimes need a bath, so if yours does, Nancy will help you out!

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Nancy Cusumano said...

Her name is Violet, and she was a sweetheart! She was soooo good, even for a bath. A pleasure to groom. Gretchen was very pleased.