Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whiskers in Winter, January 4th!

Hold the date! Our annual Christmas party is now a New Year's Party, and we hope you'll be able to stop on by.

If you would like to attend, please leave a message in comments or email me at info at americancat dot net (you'll have to translate that in email address format)and I'll send you an invite.

Every year I have a day-long bash (1pm - evening's end) for people to stop in, visit the cats, eat some great food and drink some great wine, and stay for dinner if you choose. Some people come for just a minute, some people stay for hours! I'll be getting invitations out. Everyone who has attended in the past should be getting one. If you haven't attended before but might like to visit, please drop me a line so I have you on my invite list.

There will be more info to come, but I figured I'd best get the date out there.

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georg said...

Dang it- I'll be going to my own birthday party then. It's my big 4-0.

Close Quarters in Endicott- 3 pm until whenever.