Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Venus is healing

I finally gave up on Venus's ear and neck abrasions and put her permanently in her sweater and E-collar. I take them off for her to have wet food twice and day, and have to syringe-feed her water to make sure she stays hydrated. But if I leave it off for any length of time, she scratches and rips the scabs off.

Her neck is fairly well healed, so starting tomorrow I may leave the sweater off (which keeps the collar from rubbing the abrasion). But that ear still needs days before it's healed.

I hate putting "things" on animals. It's so important to make sure they aren't rubbing or causing new problems (like dehydration). But sometimes they are necessary.

She's cute though, isn't she? It doesn't slow her down a bit!

I couldn't figure out who was ripping up the paper towels. I would come upstairs and the place would be trashed....paper in little bits everywhere. Today I discovered who the culprit was:

Fergie obviously likes to redecorate.


Jenny W said...

Love it! Love the little sweater (we need to go to extremes sometimes to aid our little munchkins) and love the culprit caught red-handed! :)

Rufus said...

Aww Venus! Hope she heals up quick.

Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

Oh and just look at Fergie, little stinker.

Stephanie said...

Venus is beautiful. And Fergie looks so innocent in the first picture. "Who, me?"