Friday, January 01, 2010

Ferdinand, now Foo Foo, checks in

And he's still the most handsome kitten on the block.
"Just wanted to drop you a note to wish you a Happy New Year and share a couple of photos I was able to capture the other day of Foo Foo resting in the sun. The older cats have grudgingly accepted his presence and he remains unflappable. He's a real lover with a purr that seems to only stop when he's asleep. He's as much of a clown as he is a sweetheart. He remains amazingly tolerant of Truman and his four year old ways. We couldn't have asked for a more fitting kitten for our family. Thanks again."

I have more photos rolling in. It's turning out to be a great New Year!


THE ZOO said...

We hope yall hafe a Happy New Years.

Jenny W said...

Yay! Updates are always a nice thing to receive - especially such sweet ones :)